Monday, 16 August 2010

A Never Ending Week.

It’s monday today. Just two full days away from Results Day, and it feels like it’s lasting forever. 
I had a nightmare this morning, right before I woke up. It was results day and I checked track and it said unsuccessful to both my offers. So I cried, then I went into my Gran’s room and we cried together. Then I got my results which revealed I got EUU. So that brought on a new round of hysterics because I don’t understand how I could have possibly got those grades with the amount of work and revision i’ve done. So I set about planning on re-sitting the whole year. I woke up, and paused for a couple of minutes and thought ‘it’s not results day yet’, you can imagine my relief when I realised it was just a dream. Gah, all this waiting around is making me anxious. I don’t have a great deal of impatience as it is, so this doesn’t exactly help! 
Come on results day, hurry up!

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  1. hey. just saw your post on tsr. my blog started after my last exam and will finish tomorrow. 50 days.50challenges.

    im following you. retribute? :)