Friday, 20 August 2010

The Day After Results Day.

So today is the day after results day, and i’m thinking I should record my thoughts and feelings now and not when i’ve forgotten. I would have done this yesterday, but I was exhausted. Anyway, here is my results day experience.
I woke up at 5:15AM, and you know that feeling on Christmas when you wake up and think “Woah it’s Christmas” and you get all excited, well I had that buzz in the air the moment I woke up, except it was nerves instead of excitement teamed up with my first thought of the day - “WOAH! It’s results day, oh god”. And I felt illllll.
So I went on TSR and had a neb around a bit and got a little annoyed with the retards who kept lying and posting stupid things about track updating when it hadn’t even gone live yet. Around 6:10AM, people started posting they’d got into uni. I couldn’t even get onto track, it kept bringing up the service unavailable page, this was really getting on my nerves, because for other people, they’d already put their details in, I couldn’t even get that far. It was beyond frustrating. By 7:00AM, I still had not been able to get onto track :( 
Ten minutes past and I got a text message from a very good friends of mine sending bad news. Unfortunately she didn’t get into uni, totally gutted for her. So I rang her up and made sure she was ok, blah blah blah, and I asked her if she would check my track for me if she could get on, so she did, and waiting for that to load, we rambled on about the options available to her, and unexpectadly she said “You got in”, and I asked where, and she said my firm! So I was really happy, though sad that we weren’t both celebrating. 
After getting off the phone to her, I shouted up the stairs to my Gran who patiently waiting in bed for me to tell her my fate. “Your granddaughter is going to Manchesterrrrrrrrr.” To which she came running down the stairs with a massive grin on her face, to squeeze me and say “Get in there me darlin”. Bless her. I then text all my friends and my Dad who was really happy for me, and said he was very proud. 
Ten minutes after my friend had told me my fate, I got a text from MMU saying Congratulations. My first reaction was “Aye flaming typical, all this nervous waiting around, until my friend looked for me, and then they decided to send the message. They could have sent it bloody earlier to put me out of my misery ha!”. I really wanted to see for myself , the UCAS track saying i’d gotten in, so I kept trying. Eventually, almost 3 hours later from the original starting point, I managed to lock into track, at 8:50AM. Not fantastic for someone as impatient as me!
I went to get my results, they weren’t amazing. BCC, but I was happy with those for several reasons:
  • That was the offer the uni had given me.
  • I know i worked hard to get those grades, unfortunately i’m not one of those lucky people who can get Cs without work, and As with work.
  • This year, has by far been the hardest of my life, so i’m quite happy i’ve managed to get the results I needed regardless.
  • During the Media exam, I was actually in no fit state to be out of the house, I was physically ill, so the exam was like hell for me. But I managed.
One thing that actually surprised me was my Sociology results. I’ve always struggled with this subject. I resat a D grade, and managed to pull it up to a B. Also resat a E grade and got it up to a C, which by the way I was very proud of. The exam was split into sections, your supposed to pick the one which your college have taught you. But I took a gamble, instead of doing Power and Politics which i’d been taught, I chose Media instead. And i’m bloody glad I did. And then in the final Crime and Deviance module which everyone says is so hard, (I was very panicky about that), I managed to get a B, unfortunately all of these grades added together, BCCB, added up to a C overall. But nevermind, i’m still very happy with those! 
When I got home from college, my Gran had a bottle of Smirnoff Ice on the table, and a card which had some money in. I was most pleased with the card, I plan on putting it on my corkboard/noticeboard at uni. So that everytime I feel like slacking off, i’ll look and it and be reminded how good it feels when you know you’ve done your family proud! Plus, it’s a pretty card, tis good decor! :)
Anyway, before I went home, the rest of my day consisted of phoning up uni’s to try and get a place in clearing for my friend (unsuccessful!), and a driving lesson. By the time I got home, I was shattered and ready for bed. So I put my PJs on, ordered a kebab, settled down in bed, with Finding Nemo on and my bottle of Smirnoff. I tell you what, that kebab was bloody lovely! Finished off with Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream, kindly bought by my Grandma as a treat! 
So yeah, that’s my results day, which was a very good one! :) I hope yours was as exciting and rewarding as mine. For those of you who got the results and university place which you want, CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck with your studies! 

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