Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Managing Your Time.

Hello again folks, here are the tips as promised. I hope you find them useful! :) Also, I think it’s important I confirm these tips and what not aren’t my own work, it’s just stuff i’ve got lying around in my room, which I think people could benefit from, before I hoy them in the trash! :) 
As only part of your week and year will be formally timetabled, you will be responsible for organising most of your study time. This can be challenging when there are committments such as work, family and friends to fit in.
Organise your time. To manage time well, it helps to do the following:
  • Be aware of your own time management.
  • Be aware of how much time it takes you to complete each type of study task.
  • Be aware that many aspects of study take much longer than expected.
  • Schedule time for unforeseen events.
  • Schedule time for relaxation and leisure.
  • Be very specific in your time-planning.
Set your priorities.
You may find that you have more things to do than there is time to complete. If so, it will help if you think through what your priorities are, either for the day, the week, or the year.
If you find yourself in this situation, it may be helpful to do the following:
  • Write a list of everything you have to do.
  • Underline essential tasks in one colour, and those that can wait, in another colour.
  • Identify the most urgent item on the list.
  • Work out the best order to do things.
  • Work out how much time you have to spend on each.
  • Enter each essential task into your timetable and diary.

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