Sunday, 15 August 2010

An Essential List for Funnsies!

Hi guys, well I got a great suggestion from CharlottexBelle on Formspring to compile a list of essential items to take to uni. Now I can’t make this from experience because I haven’t started yet, so i’m kind of making this list blind, however, this is in my opinion, the must haves for uni! ........
  • Photos. For several reasons. Firstly, to decorate your room, it’s going to be your own little place for a while, you might as well make it homely.  Secondly, when your feeling home sick, I know photos may make you sad because you miss someone, but they can also put a smile on your face, and remembering a good memory is definately the way to go to cheer yourself up. I’ve lost count the amount of times i’ve been sat on a bus grinning like a chesire cat because i’ve remembered a good time, and people are sitting giving me funny looks. Maybe they should try it! 
  • Footie Shirt. Ok, so it’s not an essential, but I was de-cluttering my room this afternoon and I came across my old Newcastle shirt. I don’t wear it anymore, so I had an idea, whey!  I’m going to stick it on my corkboard at uni, it shows where I come from man! And I love where I come from. Newcastle in my opinion is amazing. If you haven’t been, i’d recommend you try it out, shopping is awesome. Plus, this shirt is another way to decorate my room. It’s not an essential, but if you’re proud of where you come from, you could maybe think about putting one up...........a one you don’t wear! :) 
  • Bottle Opener! This in my opinion, is the most essential item. (Oh yes!), so you have a bottle of booze, FANTASTIC! And then you realise you have nothing to open it with, (Ohhh no!) so you spend some time frantically running around like a headless chicken trying to find out. So yeah, bottle opener is a necessity. Unless of course “Ye hard as nails’ (Geordie talk) and open it with your teeth. I really wouldn’t recommend trying this if you want to keep them in one piece!
  • Inhalers. Ok this is me personally. If you’re asthmatic, i’d definately recommend you stocking up a few inhalers at the start of the semester in case you don’t time to run along to the docs while you’re at uni.
  • Tablets. Medicines. Etc. A few of you may have heard of Freshers Flu. Apparantly everyone is guaranteed to get it, I hope i’m lucky! Anyway, I reckon you would be wise to stock up on painkillers, flu tablets, cough medicine, etc, you get the picture. You aren’t at home anymore, Mummy won’t be there to run around after you!
  • A Notebook. Seems pretty obvious huh? Well, my Dad advised me to take a small notebook to keep track of cash. Everyweek, budget before you spend anything. This will help you see how much you have spare, whether or not money is going missing or you’re unexpectadely overspending, etc.
  • White-tac. Nobody wants to leave at the end of the year with the accommodation people on their backs about little pieces of blu-tac or pins in the walls. White-tac is apparantly less likely to mark.
  • A USB Memory Stick. This is very much essential. And also I tip I came across in one of my study books. If you miss a deadline, losing you work because of technical problems is not an excuse and you will lose marks. So it would be a good idea to always back your work up to a USB stick. That’s what I plan on doing. That way, if you computer breaks down, or you by accident delete your work, it’s ok, don’t panic, you have it saved elsewhere. My study book also recommends you save all your work to the uni computers as well as your own, that way, it’s saved in 3 different places. Surely the guy on the cloud doesn’t hate you that much to steal all your work! (Sorry if any folk are religious, i’m not trying to be offensive).
  • A Planner. In my opinion, this is an absolute necessity. To record everything down, work, lectures, seminars, assignment deadlines, exam dates, etc. EVERYTHING. Again, i’d definately the Palgrave Student Planner, however, if you are after a planner/diary which is a page to a day, this isn’t the planner for you. Seven days is spread out over two pages.
  • Highlighters. I love highlighters. They are so helpful. Great for highlighting important points in work notes or books (only if you own them!) Everything seemed to mould into one when I was doing my A Levels, until I started highlights, things started standing out and i’d remember them better. Personally, i’d recommend using a bright yellow highlighter. It’s the only colour i’ve found that doesn’t leave a blotty darker colour spot where the highlight has left the page (anyone know what I mean?) So yeah, should you decide to use them, definately yellow.
  • CV. It sounds daft doesn’t it? I mean, a decent CV can be put together in less than half an hour. BUT! By having an up to date CV, if you see a job advertised, you can quickly get it printed and sent in, much quicker than if you didn’t have one. It saves the stress of getting one created, especially if your low on time.
  • Condoms. Ok, so i’m not here to lecture you on birth control. But really folks, nothing is going to put a downer more on the whole uni experience, than a screaming baby in tow! You may think in the heat of the moment, that it doesn’t matter, but I promise that’s not what you’ll think the morning after.
  • Pads and Tampons. Sorry guys if you’re reading this and are squeamish, but it’s true. Ladies, i’d advise stocking up on these now if you seen them on special offer, you’ll thank yourself if your time of the month rolls around and you’re a bit strapped for cash! I think my Gran is planning on buying me a years supply (Oh dear lord!). 
  • Earplugs! If you’re like me, and you cherish every moment of sleep, AND you turn into the incredible hulk if woken from that sleep, then definately invest in some earplugs. Excellent especially for nights before exams when you just can’t sleep because of the racket or whatever. Come to think of it actually, they may actually be good for those who are easily distracted, they can be used to help you zone out from any distractions and focus on whatever work you are supposed to be doing.
  • Subject Specific Dictionary. I’m not sure if this is necessarily an essential, but i’d recommend getting one if you think you’ll need one. For example, last year when I was studying Sociology, I was forever looking for definitions of terms instead of focusing on actual revision, it was a godsend when I discovered the Sociology Dictionary. I couldn’t believe i’d never thought of looking for one before. And i’ve found that alot of subjects have these kind of things. I plan on buying a Dictionary for Criminology for Amazon. Oh that’s another recommendation for you. Don’t buy any books from books shops, they cost an arm and a leg, buy from Amazon, sometimes you can even get them really cheap and brand new. For example, a few months ago I bought a Criminology book which cost me £30, if I had of bought that from the shops, it would have cost me around £75. Massive difference! 
  • Slippers! If you’re going to be living in halls. Slippers are a must. Halls floors, especially in the kitchens get filthy and sticky. Nobody wants stick feet right! Get yourself down to Primark or something, probably cost two quid or something, hardly going to break your bank balance! ;)
  • Alarm Clock. It doesn’t matter whether this is an actual clock, aslong as you have one. Phone, organiser, clock, whatever it is, just make sure you have one. 
  • ID. It really wouldn’t be wise to turn up to uni without some form of ID. No matter how much you prop your boobs up and out, I can promise you, you’ll find some bouncer who will refuse you access without some ID. And you lads should know bouncers can be even stricter with the male species. Don’t spoil your night, go prepared. 
Of course there are other necessities for uni, such as bedding, cutlery, etc. I will get down to those before I go to uni.......i’ll write a proper list. This was just a kind of fun essential list to do :) 

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