Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Morning People!

Yo folks! It's currently 1:36AM and i'm lying here rather bored. I should really head off to bed but that would involve effort. Ha, i'm being lazy.

I don't really have much to say on the university front because nothing has changed in the last few days, Oooo, except i bought my towels the other day from ASDA. A nice plum colour. They are really cool.....well, as cool as towels can be ;)

What I do have is some leaflets and articles and random stuff which have advice for tips for new University Students, so I thought others might aswell benefit too, so i'm going to type those up for you! :) Tomorrow I am expecting my holdall to arrive, Mr Parcel Man did come yesterday but I was shopping in London, typical! So I changed the date and that is coming tomorrow, when it arrives I will give a review on it, material, sizing, etc. And on Thursday, my book which I mentioned in the first blog will be coming, I will give a review on that, obviously that one may take a while because I need time to read it.

Palgrave Student Planner
Now in my last post, I mentioned the Palgrave Student Planner, but I didn't go into too much detail, or give my full review so i'm going to do that now......

Firstly, I have to say, I was very pleased with it, it had everything I expected and more, so definately value for money.

- Year Planner.

- Notable Dates.

- A space for personal details, uni/college, emergency contacts/any allergies and medical conditions.

- Tutor contact details, along with subject, room, phone and email. There is a tone of space for these in case you have more than one tutor.

- Contact details for college services, eg, student union, student services, accommodation, transport, etc.

- Also space for essential local service numbers, eg gas, water, cinema, take away.

- Landlord details.

- Useful contacts, it gives you loans and finance, sexual health and family planning numbers etc.

- A list of useful websites (I haven't tried any of these yet, when I do, i'll recommend them if I think they are helpful), wow they take up like 4 pages!

- Also, they have tips on time management, revision and exams, managing stress, university language, spelling rules, grammar rules etc.

- Keyboard shortcuts.

- Cooking temperatures and laundry symbols. The laundry symbol idea is great in my opinion, I defo need help with those! :P

That's basically all the necessities. The actual planner itself was the most important buying factor for me, because I wanted space to be able to write what I needed to do, sometimes you see those awful planners/diaries and they have like 2 lines or something per day, which is just no good. This one has plenty of space.

At the back, there is a section for addresses and contact details. Also birthdays and events to remember. A to do list which is quite cool, this will definately come in handy, it has a column for when it needs doing, and a tick column too. This is followed with tips for managing your money, and a section which helps to sort out your own personal finances, which is really cool. Next comes a section for notes, and assignments and exam deadlines which is good if your like me and get your dates mixed up (I actually managed to miss an exam last year accidentally, it all worked out though, was only General Studies), then recommended reading by tutors, also tables to record which books you have on reserve from the library and when they need to be back. A revision timetable and subject planner, then a record of marks table, which again is pretty cool, easy to see how well you are doing. Then right at the back you have a timetable, so you can see this planner is just jam packed. I'm so glad I bought it, if you interested, i'll give you the link in a moment for you to go check out......... You can see here aswell, atm, the cheapest Planner on the marketplace and brand new is £3.50 which is so cheap compared to the shops, so a definate bargain! :)

I'll post the tips and stuff on a different post so they are easy to find for other people! So if your interested, bear with me :D

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