Saturday, 14 August 2010

More Recommendations For You Guys!

Hey guys, so I mentioned in a past post that I was waiting for a holdall and a book to come through from Amazon.
Firstly, the holdall. I started searching for a large holdall/suitcase when I realised that my luggage at home really wasn't going to be enough to fit everything in, and since I plan on trying to get everyone I need down in one trip, I knew this might be a challenge. So I set about doing some research and found that even the biggest suitcases don't have that much capacity inside, even though the prices are crazily high. So I decided on a holdall, and found this one on Amazon, which was £28.50, the original one I wanted was from Argos but they had sold out, and then I found this one. The main thing that attracted me was a) the reviews, it didn't seem to have any bad ones (that I can remember anyway), and b) how much it could hold. It holds so much stuff, I have almost my entire wardrobe packed in that thing, as well as a couple of coats, and a few teddies (gotta make the place look like home!)..........I tried taking a few photos to show you guys what it's like, but my bluetooth is being naughty so i'll have to make do with the one from Amazon's website.
pastedGraphic.pdfThe only disadvantage of this is that it is mega heavy when it's filled, but to be honest, that's not exactly a surprise, I knew it would be. The most important thing for me when purchasing this was to make sure it held alot of stuff, and boy does it. I've got so many clothes in here it is unreal. So if you're like me and have so much stuff and struggling to find the space to get it all to uni, i'd advise checking this can get even bigger ones, but I was bit intimidated by the size of this one, so i'm glad I didn't go any bigger. If you are interested in checking these out, i'll put the link here.
I've actually done quite a bit of shopping over the last couple of days. I went to my local diddy town shopping centre and got a couple of bits of clothes in. I'm trying my best to get as much clothes as possible to stop me from buying them when I go if that's going to happen, ha! :) But it's what i'm aiming for. And so i've been scouting round for bargains. Because i'm trying to stock up, i've been buying in bulk. I went to Matalan's and bought some mens joggy bottoms. Now I know what your thinking, "Why is she buying mens clothes?", I promise i'm not a freak......but i've found that mens lounge pants are so much better quality and more comfy too. Actually, the way I came across them was that my dear Grandad died a few months ago as i've already mentioned and alot of his stuff was left untouched, he'd just got brand new pjs and joggy bottoms and what not for Christmas. So my Gran was sorting his stuff out and thought I might like to have his joggy bottoms. I was a bit skeptical at first, because well, like you, I was thinking 'Woah, mens clothes, they ain't going to be any good for me'. I was pleasantly surprised however to find that I loved them. They are a tad long so i'm going to have to get them taken up in length, but they were so thick and soft. In comparison to the womens, which are so think and not very warm at all. Anyway, he only one pair of those, so i've pinched them, and yesterday when I went into Matalan I picked up another two pair. For £6 they are totally a bargain and will definately be comfy for me to lounge about studying in. Interested in checking those out? Here is the link. The only bad point I have to make about those is that they come right past your waist, but to be honest, I haven't found that an issue, i've just rolled them over and over until they reach my hips, it's not a problem for me, their cheap, their warm, their cosy, so i'm happy with those.
I also picked up some plain leggings from Select. I think they were £8 for two pairs. I bought 4. I know this may sound extreme, but i'm totally stocking up for the Winter to get me through, plus I go through leggings so quickly, because I wear them that often, they tend to get a few holes in after around 6 weeks, so it's best to have a couple of spare pairs.
Today I went into Matalan again, (great for bargains!), and picked up some slippers. Not very exciting, but I love them, they are so warm and comfy. I only really wanted them so my feet don't get sticky or dirty or whatever from the floors in halls. I've seen how messy they can get! These are my new slippers......Don't they look super cosy! :)
I've been on the lookout for some cheap towels, and I found some in ASDA the other day, I picked up the plum colour. Usually I would have went for pink, but I totally fancied a change. I bought two bath sheets, 2 for £10, and two bath towels, 2 for £7. They don't actually have the plum colour on the website, but they have others, if you're looking for a bargain. £5 for a decent towel ain't bad!
Finally, the last thing I have to review is a book which I bought from Amazon.........'HOW TO GET A FIRST, The essential guide to academic success'. Firstly, I just want to say that I'm well aware that by reading this book, i'm not just going to magically get a first, I know that, but i'm prepared to do everything I can in order to get one, even if that means a complete overhaul of my study technique.
I haven’t quite finished reading the book yet, but I am more than halfway through, and I can say it’s definately helped me. For some people, they may already know all this stuff and their technique is perfect, but for me, I needed the extra help, so it was worth buying. 
This is what the back says (the blurb?), whatever it is, this is what it says........
Do you have to be a genius to get a first at university?
In How to Get a First, Thomas Dixon argues that you do not, and sets out to demystify first-class degrees in the arts, humanities and social sciences, clearly articulating the difference between the excellent and the merely competent in undergraduate work. This concise, no-nonsense guidebook will give prospective and current students advice on the teaching and learning styles that prevail at university, and on how to manage their two most important resources - their time and their lecturers. In an accessible, and entertaining style, the author looks at subjects such as:
  • Making the transition from school to university.
  • Developing transferable skills.
  • Making use of lectures and seminars.
  • Using libraries and the internet.
  • Note-taking, essays, seminars and presentations.
  • Common mistakes to avoid.
  • Writing with clarity and style.
  • Revision and examinations.
Illustrated with many examples from a range of academic disciplines, How to Get a First is an all-purpose guide to success in academic life. For more tips and useful links, visit Thomas Dixon has taught at the Universities of Cambridge and London, and is now a Lecturer in History at Lancaster University.
I can’t promise this book will be useful to you, but I can already tell that it is helping me, and I haven’t even started my degree yet! So if you are interested in this, i’d recommend checking it out! If you want a more detailed review, just let me know, but then I might even have finished the book which will of course give me the opportunity to really let rip about this book! I’ll put the link here.......How to Get a First!
That’s all I have to say for the moment folks. Hope you are all having a great day! 
P.S.........5 days until Results. ARGH! 


  1. Hey :)

    I would just like to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and as a I'm going into Year 13 next year it will be really good to hear about your experiences, so thank you for writing this :)


  2. Agreed, although i'm going to uni this year as well (fingers crossed for results argh!) so i love all your reviews and am seriously considering buying the books you've recommended!