Tuesday, 14 September 2010


So it’s Tuesday night now, only 3 whole days until moving in day arrives. I actually don’t know how I feel about it. All of this just doesn’t seem real to me. Maybe it’s because i’ve spent so much time planning it, it feels as though it was never going to roll around, and now it’s almost here and i’m actually going. I don’t really think it’s going to hit me until I wave my Grandma and friend off on the train back to Newcastle. That worries me a little, because once I start crying, it feels like i’ll never stop.
I’ve been getting things ready and in order lately, packing is finally getting sorted (after unpacking and repacking a couple of times), I have so much stuff to take. I think i’ll need 2 taxis to get to the train station. Thank god the uni isn’t too far away from Manchester Piccadilly. 
I’m not sure how I feel. The thing i’m looking forward to most is joining the gym. Boy have I missed it! That’s my plan of action for the Monday, join the gym. Can’t that come any quicker? I feel quite sad because i’m going to be leaving my dear Gran and Dad behind. My world basically. We’ve never spent longer than 4 days apart, so this moving out malarky sure is going to be a challenge.
I realised something lately, I just don’t have enough photographic evidence of my childhood, and that saddens me a little, I keep thinking of these amazing memories.......past christmas’s, past birthdays, random day trips out with my Gran, and stupid silly moments with my Dad, and yet I have nothing to show for it. Nothing to remind myself in ten years time to say this is what happened, that’s what happened, and that makes me sad. So i’ve decided to make a pact for myself, from now, to take as many photos as I can, of anything! A cake mix gone wrong, a pretty christmas tree, my friends and family pulling funny faces, and I vow to make sure everything I take, I print, and put it into an album, an album worth treasuring, so that when I look back on them, those photos can remind me of how I felt at that exact moment in time, I want to be able to remember. My Grandad died 6 months ago this Friday, and i’ve realised that I don’t have any decent quality photos of him (he was camera shy anyway!), and it makes me sad because those memories exist only in my mind, there is no evidence or anything absolute to set as a reminder. So from today onwards, I vow to document every important and precious moment in my life. 

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