Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I apologise it's not the most cheerful post!

Soooo it’s been an awful long time I last posted a blog. Well, the truth is, I just haven’t felt like writing, i’ve had a hard time settling into uni unfortunately. Firstly, I didn’t click with my flatmates, they are all party animals, which I have no problem with, providing they don’t wake me up at 4 every morning, but they do. The majority act like children, which is appalling, we are supposed to be university students!
Secondly, i’ve been feeling quite homesick. I didn’t realise how much i’d miss my Gran, Dad, Mam and dog until I moved away. Thankfully, it seems to be getting easier though. 
I can honestly say Freshers week was like hell for me. It was boring, it was awful so I went home. I actually had more fun at home. I know going home isn’t the best thing to do but tbh, I just couldn’t hack the boredem. I was hoping to meet people like me but unfortunately not.
Thankfully, now work has actually started, i’m starting to settle in, now I actually have something to do. Woah, that makes me sound like a geek doesn’t it! I do get sad sometimes, knowing that I haven’t made any proper friends yet, but then I remind myself it doesn’t matter, i’m here for my degree, friends come and go. Having said that, it’s only 3 weeks in, maybe i’ll meet someone eventually, but for now, i’m content enough to get on with my work and visit family on the weekend.
Lectures! I never realised how boring they could be. I always imagined myself to be a thoroughly interested student, who paid attention and absorbed as much as I could. Yeah, right, truth is, lectures are possibly one of the most boring things on earth - sometimes I have to literally stop myself from drifting off to sleep. 
Wow, it sounds like all I have to do is moan right? Well, when your at uni, living with people  you don’t click with, and you haven’t made any friends yet, it’s kinda hard to be happy and cheerful all the time. So I apologise for my morbidness. Hopefully next time I blog, i’ll actually have something interesting to say.......or at least cheerful! Ha, believe me, i’d of loved to have written a piece on how amazing Freshers was, how wonderful the people are and how exciting actual uni is like, but i’d be lying. Ha!
Ciao for now folks! :) 

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  1. Wow, I could've written that myself. I'm in pretty much the same position as you right now.

    I'm in my home town right now with my boyfriend because weekends just don't keep me busy enough, and I don't like to go out clubbing or drinking loads either. I feel like I've gone home too much already. :/ Whoops.

    I've found that the course keeps me busy enough and that I've gone to Birmingham for my degree, not to destroy my liver (or just to make friends like you said). And you will make friends easily on your course, since you'll be working with them so much, that's what I've found.

    Anyway, hope you're getting on ok. You're on TSR right? PM me if you need a chat (Avéry) or there's always my blog too (at; I don't use my Google one anymore).