Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What's the crack?

Sooo it’s been a while since I posted a proper blog post. To be honest, i’ve been far too busy. It is now just over two weeks until I move down Manchester. I’m feeling really excited about it, but concerned with how much luggage I have!!
So far, I have one giant holdall which I have previously posted about, a suitcase which has bits and bobs in such as ipod speakers, smellies, bowls, etc. And I have a smaller suitcase which is dedicated to just books. I have counted, I currently have 13 academic books to take with me. And they are beasts! I’m not even joking, a couple are average size books, but I have a few huge books, big and fat and heavy. Thank god that suitcase is on wheels! I also have my laptop bag, which i’m not too bothered about. It’s the cases that’s got me worried. Firstly, I have no idea if i’m going to get them all in one taxi, which means costing around £20 to get to the station alone. Secondly, i’m hoping there is enough luggage space on the train without causing problems to other passengers. And thirdly, I don’t even know if I will get all my stuff down there! 
Anyway, aside from that, i’m very happy uni is getting closer! I sound like such a geek, but I really can’t wait to start learning. Sod freshers week and the endless nights of alcohol, bring on actual uni!
So how is everyone else feeling about uni? Any luggage problems like me? Haha :(


  1. Me! I'm having severe issues with baggage atm. So far I've got a suitcase, a holdall and three Tesco's reuseable bags. >.<


    Hey check out this blog, its got some really good ideas on how to do better at uni! I just came from the Student Room as you'd a link in your sig, sorry if this is totally random.