Sunday, 7 November 2010

Elo Elo Elo....

Finally, things seem to be picking up for me! I’ve eventually managed to move out away from that bunch of nutters, and into a much nicer, calmer flat (which is pink YAY)! Sadly, I already had a trip to Newcastle planned so I haven’t actually met my new flatmates yet, i’ve met 5 of them, so 4 to go. But they seem pretty nice! BINGO! 
I’ve been in Newcastle exactly 9 days now, it’s been such a fantastic week, I really don’t want to go back to Manchester, though I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things down there, as much as I will miss my Gran.......I don’t know why i’m sulking about it really, i’m back in the land of the geordies in less than 2 weeks anyway, wooo! 
This week was reading week, apparantly meant for essay writing, unfortunately I can’t really say much of that has been going on. Woooops! Christmas shopping, and wrapping, and watching Saw 7 (which was fab!) and going out drinking sounded like much more fun than writing a boring old essay. I did manage to get 500 words down though, taking me up to a 1000......only 600 left to go! 
I have this formative assignment ‘thingy mi jig’ due in tomorrow, and I have approximately 0 words. Good work Stacey! On the bright side, I am sat here prepared to do some work, though clearly wasting my time on this thing, muahahahaha!
I suppose I better get going, unless I want to fail it, so for now, cheerio folks! 
P.S I hope you’re all having a smashing time at uni! 

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